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Short Break Sailing Adventures on board the 40 foot cruising yacht "Clarity"

Come Sailing with Me!


  • Previous sailing experience is not necessary
  • Age and gender are not important...


What will be of value on board SY Clarity is your belief that life is too short to stay at home and watch the video of someone else experiencing the exhiliration of bowling along before the trade winds...or falling backwards into crystal clear water over a coral bottom...or barbecuing fresh caught fish over driftwood coals


What if... you thought you might enjoy cruising sailing where the ocean meets the sky, but don't quite know where to start? Well the START button is here on this page

     THE CREW - Clarity's skipper Bill is an experienced ocean sailor, a qualified Yachtmaster, and holds a Qld Transport Coxswain's qualification, as well as an accredited Workplace Trainer and Assessor. And YOU are the crew

There are no passengers on board Clarity - all voyages are "expedition style", and all on board share responsibility for standing watches, navigating and sailing the ship, all to the extent of your current abilities (I repeat - no experience is necessary

Most voyagers on Clarity are either new to cruising sailing, or have limited experience. Many have dreamed of sailing with the freedom of the wind along Queenslands limitless reefs, islands and cays, but haven't had access to a safe, seaworthy cruising yacht and an experienced skipper who enjoys sharing this world with others who have a spirit of adventure

Other crew members plan to charter a bareboat in the Whitsundays or the Great Sandy, and crew on Clarity to develop skills and confidence